Thursday, September 10, 2009

Finding Lucky

On the 23 August, while we were playing near Huntington Park SB, DH, MS,JV found a baby bird. We could not bear to leave him there ,so we had to take care of him.

DH took of his jumper and JB put the jumper in her hands. I picked him up slowly. He was really soft as I held him close to my chest. We walked down to the clubhouse. Then DH said'' What should we name him''. A few minutes went by. We were coming up with names like''Twinkle toes'' or ''Cupcake'' or ''Banana''. Then suddenly I said ''Lucky''. Everyone agreed. We slowly walked to DH's grandmas house to get a cage. As soon as we got the cage we hurried to DH's house and we decorated his cage. We put two mini soccer balls, food and water, a double folded tea towel for his bed and two sticks for him to play on. We also put up a poster.

We walked to Animates to get him checked. Nothing was wrong. So we went back and played with him and also tried to teach him how to fly but he didn't like that. On the 1st September he flew away which was sad but no one cried. I really miss him now that Lucky's gone.

By J.B.

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